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Carrick will fight to ensure every family in Oregon shares in our economic growth.


A stronger economy will solve or reduce our most serious problems. This is why I focus on economic development and pursued it as a career. The stronger our economy is, the more we can focus on what matters most: higher wages, clean technology, higher Social Security and Medicare benefits for our seniors, and much more. 



We will see the words “Made in America” again. It will be printed on the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the world, made right here in Oregon. 


The “Silicon Forest” at the north end of our district has Intel, the most advanced computer chip manufacturer in the western world. It is surrounded by hundreds of other companies producing some of the most advanced and greenest technologies in the world. The Silicon Forest is only growing, creating tens of thousands of jobs. 


While such high-tech companies create many jobs for technical specialists, what makes them unique and important is that many also provide large numbers of good blue-collar jobs. These are high-paying, have good benefits, and are not dangerous or out in the weather. My brother works at one of these companies installing and servicing equipment. He is paid well, respected, and happy with his job – which he wasn’t always. I have already advised and shaped the government’s approach to new technologies, shifting the allocation of billions of dollars worth of equipment. This includes advising on legislation which if passed would create thousands of these types of jobs in our district. 


It is important that we provide those without a college or high school degree an opportunity to earn a family wage, with healthcare and a secure retirement.



Every single American deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, period.


Every single American deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, period. This is personal for me. I saw firsthand what getting sick in our current system means for a family. My mom stopped going to doctors after getting surprised with unaffordable medical bills and let many treatable conditions fester because of the cost of basic preventative care. She neglected a known heart condition for decades and died from it at 67. My sister’s husband suffered a stroke, and with the medical bills in the millions, their family was financially ruined. This shouldn’t happen to anyone.
I will fight to preserve and protect Medicare and Medicaid. I will fight to make health care costs transparent, and fight to lower the cost of prescription medication. I will fight to move towards universal health care. The US is an amazing, innovative country—there is no reason we cannot make healthcare accessible when so many other countries have.

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Carrick will work with anybody to get things done for Oregon families. It is clear that our government hasn’t been working well in recent years.

Too many politicians in Washington care more about scoring political points than getting things done, making it almost impossible to pass anything.  But that doesn’t mean we stop trying.


There is a time and a place for fighting, and when those times come, I will hold the line. But we also must work together on the issues that matter the most: stabilizing and growing the economy, creating jobs, and rebuilding our lives after the devastation caused by the pandemic. 

If elected, I will bring expertise to the issues that matter most to Oregonians and will work with anyone who is serious about actually solving these complex problems. I will not play political games, I will roll up my sleeves and get to work. Results. Not politics.



Carrick will help protect Americans from pandemics.


In the last two years what has most negatively impacted education, the economy, the budget deficit, and health care? The answer is the same: the pandemic.  


I began working with the biosecurity and pandemic preparedness community in 2015. They predicted and modeled outbreaks as bad as and worse than the current crisis. I tried to help raise the alarms. After Covid hit, I left my job to work on biosecurity and pandemic preparedness. I saw firsthand that even during the pandemic, Congress did not take expert recommendations seriously. 


As Delta and Omicron have shown, Covid is not over. It is also not the worst threat that experts warn of. We must meet these challenges through technical and community pandemic prevention measures. With the correct government interventions, it is possible for us to never have a serious pandemic again. I will champion these measures.



Carrick will work in Congress to build a strong clean energy economy.

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I was nine years old when a once-in-500-year flood destroyed my community and left my family homeless. Twelve years later, I arranged the rescue of my mother by boat from eight-foot-deep water. The same river had a second once-in-500-year flood. Environmental changes can have huge and unpredictable effects, and it is those who are most vulnerable who are hit the hardest.  


We cannot afford to be defeatist or complacent when it comes to facing environmental challenges. We need to work together, from both sides of the aisle. If elected, I will support the expansion of a robust clean energy economy. This will create high-quality, high-paying manufacturing jobs for Oregonians while meeting the challenge of climate change.  


Carrick will always protect the right to choose.


At sixteen, my mother had no access to legal abortion. She became pregnant and was forced to drop out of school and into a home for unwed mothers. There she was abused and mistreated. She never recovered from the experience.

We cannot compromise on the right to choose. It is under attack. We need not look further than the Supreme Court, where they might soon overturn Roe v. Wade. The State has no place in these deeply personal, family decisions. If elected I will go to the mat for reproductive rights and freedoms, without reservation. 


Carrick will fight to make our laws work for all of us, especially those who have long faced discrimination.


There is no place for any form of discrimination in America. I wholeheartedly stand with all communities for the right to live authentically without fear. If elected, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the law, which has for too long mistreated marginalized communities, works for them. 


Donate to get Carrick to Congress for smart policy, strong leadership, and a kind heart. Together we will build a stronger, stable home for all Oregonians.

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